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Carriage Houses

Kelowna needs rental housing! There are other options other than secondary suites.

Explore the possibility of building a carriage house on your property. With the increase in student and professional population in Kelowna, rental housing has become a concern in the Okanagan Valley.

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You can benefit by supplying rental housing!

Benefits: Great markets are all about supply and demand. Today, the Okanagan Valley has one of the lowest rental availabilities in the country. With this much demand and pressure on the rental housing market, you can realize serious income potential.

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Our Free Consultation!

Our free consultation includes a review of municipal rules that apply to carriage houses. Your zoning designation will be considered, and whether you are located in an urban or rural area. Zoning bylaws can be complicated and confusing, but we will guide you through this process so you can move forward with your building plans. Our complete design build services make working with Greenwave seamless. From our initial consultation until you are handed the keys to your carriage home, you are in good hands.

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Although development permits are no longer required in Kelowna for the construction of carriage homes, enrolment with HPO and a registered builder is. Your home will then be covered by the full 2-5-10 warranty just like any new home.

Along with your building permit, there are other application fees and a process that can seem daunting to most homeowners. We will keep you informed as we take care of guiding the project through all of this procedure with our extensive consultation process, to iron out the confusion and turn your dreams into reality.

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Other considerations for building a carriage house:

  • Community Sanitary Sewer Exits
  • Flood Plains
  • Habitable Floor Area
  • Lighted Pathways
  • Maximum Height of Carriage House
  • Off-Street Parking Stalls
  • Permits
  • Private Open Space with Landscaping
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Build with Greenwave Construction!

You can help meet Kelowna’s housing needs and increase your long-term income opportunities by building a carriage house with Greenwave Construction. Building a carriage house on your property also significantly increases your property value. Call us today for a free consultation. We will walk you through the process step-by-step so you can enjoy the full potential of land ownership.

* the government of B.C. has legislated an exam for homeowners who are interested in building their own home. If they qualify to write and then pass the test, they can build their own home. They will then have to warranty the home personally. For further information, see the link below.

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