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Quick flipper

How to avoid the “quick flip” artist

Then they will quite often boast about how well they did. No thought is given to the unfortunate recipient of the second rate home they have just invested their life savings.

It happens every day everywhere. Home renovation supplies of dubious quality are sold to consumers of equally dubious skill.

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Women in trades

Time to ring the bell for the pioneering ladies who are making inroads into the trades. I didn’t realize how little the general public realized this was happening. It hit home when I ran into a particularly uninformed perspective lady customer who told me this story.

“I called a contractor to do my hardwood and when the installer came they sent a woman! I could not believe my eyes! I blurted “do you know what you are doing? She had a man helper!” I could not believe it! I watched her all day, in the end she did a really good job. She even took the nosing’s home and stained them to match the floor!”

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Basement Finishing

How to build legal Secondary Suite

Let’s start with a definition of exactly what a secondary suite is. A Secondary suite is a form of rental housing that is typically affordable, ground-oriented and market-based.

To build a Legal Secondary suite the first step would be a visit to your local municipal building department. Or call ahead and arrange an appointment with a planner. They can provide information on your property and its zoning and tell you if a L.S.S. is allowed in your area. They can provide guidance if your basement is already partially finished as to what can be retained and what areas need to be remediated to meet fire code.

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How to find a Kelowna home renovation contractor

The fall is just around the corner here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and as we all begin to recover from this heat wave. Thoughts begin to turn to home renovation projects. Summer is over holidays are done. So now where do you start?

The first thing to establish is a budget. The second is who is going to run this project. Both of these important facets of your project go hand-in-hand. Who is a good candidate for the Owner/contractor job?

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How to install a new bathtub

Wow this sounds like a big job! But that big bone colour thing is so outdated. Wouldn’t one of the new soaker tubs with nice tile look great! You bet it would!

So here you go step by step. First decide what quality level new tub you want . If you get one at home Depot or Rona you’ll save money but it may not be the same quality as that found in a new home. These stores cater to the home improvement market not the new home construction market. Most new homes have there fixtures supplied through the wholesale plumbing industry companies like Woolsey, Andrew Sherrit, and Bartle and Gibson to name a few.

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Kelowna kitchen renovations

Kelowna kitchen renovations these days are becoming more and more common place. Homeowners are realizing that they can stay in their home and have that dream kitchen they have always wanted.

If you stay with the same layout for plumbing and electrical a kitchen renovation can be quick and painless. Keeping the same layout also allows you to spend money on nice cabinets rather than paying for expensive plumbing, venting, or electrical work.

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ecoENERGY retrofit homes program

Budget 2011 included $400 million in 2011-12 for the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient and reduce the burden of high energy costs.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will announce eligibility criteria and other program details in the coming weeks after Parliament passes Budget 2011.

Visit ecoENERGY Retrofit Homes Program to check for updated program information

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Kelowna carriage house construction

Although the days of the horse and carriage have long ago slipped into history, in the past, the term “carriage house” described a building for the housing of carriages, coaches and the like. These structures commonly had servants’ quarters located above them. As the years went by the carriages evolved into automobiles and the servant quarters in many cases have become secondary suites used for a variety of purposes.

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How to find a Kelowna renovation contractor

The spring is about to begin here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley and as we all awaken from our winter hibernation thoughts turn to the home renovation project. Maybe it was a resolution or a long term plan, in any case where do you start?

The first thing to establish is a budget. The second is who is going to run this project. Both of these important facets of your project go hand-in-hand.

Who is a good candidate for the owner/contractor job?

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Kelowna building contractor

Greenwave Construction is a fully licensed Kelowna Building Contractor*. This locally owned Kelowna home construction company is run by one of the most experienced construction managers in the Okanagan Valley. He is the owner and guiding force of Greenwave, David Federici.

Over his long career David has gained 30 years experience in the residential construction industry as a project manager and site superintendent. All contracts fall under his direct supervision. David believes the best place to guarantee a project’s success is in the field. David’s qualifications as a red seal master carpenter make him the ideal choice to steer a project clear of any difficulties. David has been at the helm of projects that have received provincial and national recognition.

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