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Leasehold & Tenant Improvements

Kelowna Wineries, Restaurants and Retail Space

Kelowna is a city known for its trendy retail spaces, restaurants and wineries. We offer commercial upgrading services as part of our commercial division here at Greenwave Construction. Kelowna has been called the birthplace of BC wine, a fair assessment when we learn that Kelowna and surrounding area boasts 47 wineries with new projects coming onto the viticulture scene every year. Kelowna wineries are a hub of culture and tourism in the valley, and we know how to build estate wineries from the ground up or modernize a tasting room. If you have a project in mind for your viticulture business, give us a call and we would be happy to engage in your dream-come-true; your new or modernized tasting room overlooking the vineyard.

Kelowna restaurants own bragging rights to an international diversity of food, from Asian to European, and Italian to brew pubs. We have experience in the renovation of brew pubs and restaurants, and with our diversified portfolio, can build your restaurant from your brand new design or modernize your existing space, including commercial kitchen upgrades. Kelowna food services drives a large part of our economy, especially during the tourist season, so let us help you maintain that famous trendy look we are famous for.

We offer upgrading services for Kelowna retail and office spaces. Did you know that the installation of LED lighting or modernizing your storefront for a cleaner professional look can actually boost your sales? Attract customers with a new renovation and fresh colour. If you own an existing business and need a fresh update so you can liquidate and retire, we can facilitate your exit plan by consulting with you to advise on the most cost effective and expedient way to revamp your commercial space pre-sale.

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Leasehole & Tenant Improvements - Greenwave Construction
Leasehole & Tenant Improvements - Greenwave Construction
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