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Why Choose Greenwave?

A customer should pick Greenwave Construction if they want their project to be the top priority project of the company they hire. They should expect their builder to be on site every day, that he would have 30 years experience building homes and would keep them informed every step of the way. They would expect a budget, schedule, and a company that has a team of trades second to none. In short, all the things you will not get with a larger building company. We provide personal service, and stand behind our experience. That’s hard to beat.

Home Addition

We recently had Dave Federici of Greenwave Construction add a suite to our existing 1950’s split level. We were so delighted with the professionalism and expertise that Dave brought to this project. He has a creative mind and was able to describe a wonderful transformation to our home and it came out every bit as amazing and more!

He started us off with a budget so that we knew what we were looking at going into the project. He kept us on budget throughout, and if we decided to add items, we were informed as to the cost – so there were no surprises at the end.

The workmanship is exceptional, right down to the banisters. He introduced us to all the trades and businesses he used in our project which made our relationship with them very comfortable.

We would highly recommend Greenwave Construction for anyone looking at renovating or new construction.

Ken & Sandy

Kelowna, British Columbia

To whom it may concern, Our leasehold improvement project was a total disaster after dealing with another company who left us in a pinch. Greenwave came in on literally a weeks notice and took over the project. Dave managed our costs and time line very reasonably and amazingly we were able to open on time despite the former contractors blunders. We are now open and receive many compliments from customers about the design and workmanship. Dave will tell you how it is whether you like it or not. If you’re looking for a contractor to do any leasehold improvements I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greenwave Construction for the fine work they completed here at the Purple Nurple Frozen Yogurt shop

Gord Oliver

Kelowna, British Columbia

Our Historical home required a craftsman’s touch, David and his company restored our old interior stairs and completely revamped our entire main level of our home. David’s professionalism and care made having him here a real treat. His Company will always be our first choice.

David Anderson

Kelowna, British Columbia

I can’t say enough good things about Dave at Greenwave Construction. Right from the start Dave’s professionalism and experience put my mind at ease with my home renovation project. The home was a rental property which I was planning on selling, so it was critical to keep potential buyers in mind as well as the need to work around the remaining tenant in the downstairs suite. Dave quickly put a budget and plan together and presented a few options and advice in terms of cabinetry and counters for the kitchen and bathroom as well as flooring and paint. The project started on time and Dave quickly resolved any issues that popped up along the way while keeping me apprised of everything that was going on. Dave was my one-stop shop for all things renovations which allowed me to sleep easy even though I was out of town for the duration of the project. The project was a huge success. It completed on budget and sold practically before the paint had dried. Thanks Dave!!!


Kelowna, British Columbia

We were looking for someone to complete our basement with the same quality and care as the rest of our home. Greenwave exceeded our expectations by making our new area our home its new showpiece. Thanks Dave.

Camilia Glazebrook

West Kelowna, British Columbia

Dave & his team completed an extensive renovation on an older home that had been modified by previous owners over the years. The transformation of the home is stunning! It was a pleasure to work with Dave, whose experience, great ideas, willingness to accommodate changes and collaborate throughout the project, engendered confidence and trust. Work on the home was completed in a timely manner and the quality of workmanship is evident. Dave is someone who is involved in all aspects of a project from start to finish and who truly takes pride in his work.


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Re & Re Driveway

We contracted Dave and Greenwave to do a large garage addition and house renovation last year that we were very pleased with. At the end, we determined that the driveway needed to be re done to match the high standards of the reno and addition. In February Greenwave removed an old, many layer ashphalt driveway that was heaved and very uneven. They replaced it with an exposed aggregate and flat finished concrete driveway artistically designed with very challenging grades and drainage. We are extremely pleased with both the quality of the driveway and the way the driveway fit in with the project and the design as a whole. It is difficult to find contractors that will take on this type of project with care and professionalism while dealing with customers long distance. Dave always kept our budget in mind and we appreciated his artistic talents when making design decisions. We would not hesitate to recommend Greenwave and Dave Federici for any project large or small and would absolutely re contract Dave for any future projects that we may have.


Peachland, British Columbia

Addition of a Large Two Car Garage, Redesigned Front Entrance to House, Updated Outside Of House

We wanted a general contractor that could provide full service from design, to plans to full construction. Dave of Greenwave Construction has provided all of that in a very professional manner. He sweats all the details, is very careful in managing the budget. He has great attention to detail and tries to find the best results for for the best price. Our project had some difficult details that he immediately addressed and found solutions for. Dave and his crew were on the job every day and the project has been on time. Dave is very personable and easy to deal with.

It has been a pleasure working with Dave and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any renovation project, large or small!


Peachland, British Columbia

Kitchen Reno, Front of House Redo and Landscaping

We bought our house in October of 2014 and decided then we would look for a contractor to do some work. We lived up north at the time and went on the internet to find one. Every time we looked, Greenwave Construction kept coming up. We did not get to Kelowna until January 2015. Once again we looked around and Greenwave kept coming to the top of the list. We called Dave and met to discuss the kitchen and dining room renovation as well as the front of the house to be sided and landscaped. We had a budget in mind and Dave was able to come up with an estimate that fit within it.

As the job was about to start we added a deck and carport reno with a budget in mind again and was also met with no issues.

The crew was a pleasure to have on site We were able to meet all of the sub tradespeople and vendors needed for the scope of the work and they were all very professional and friendly.

Dave is a very open minded person so we were able to communicate our likes or dislikes as the job progressed and have him listen to what we were saying. He is very passionate at what he does and always had us in mind when it came to getting the job done within our budget. Dave has a very creative mind and the outcome of our home we now have shows it. We are very proud of our house and anybody who knew it before the transformation has complemented it very highly.

We would recommend Dave and his team for any renovation or building project you may have in mind.

Richard & Diane

Kelowna, British Columbia

Whole House Renovation. Kitchen, Bathrooms, All Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting

We are incredibly happy with Dave and with our home. Our house was built in 1987,still had most of the original, and sadly, pink and brass, themed decorating. Think (Pepto-Bismol) pink counter tops, 80’s floors, and shabby kitchen 🙂 Over time we did make small improvements here and there but we still wished for an updated home. Our original plan was to get some contractors to price out the various jobs and do each room piece by piece. We had a few contractors in to price it out and they were Ok. Some we spent the day with showing him what we wanted then he never even bothered to email us the quotes after several exchanges. Basically no one gave us a trustworthy feeling. They were either car-salesman like, greasy, or a little abrasive. Then came Dave…I had known Dave previously but I didn’t think that he took on small jobs. In the end it would end up being a BIG job, but at the time, it was just going to be a room here and a room there as we saved up enough to do each room. Anyway, I called Dave in for some quotes and he just comes across as someone who is on your side. There is nothing fake or car-salesmanship about him and the only time he gets abrasive is when someone he contracted to do a job for you is not holding up their end of the bargain. He is a genuine great guy (and believe me, we tested him 🙂

In the end we decided to tackle the whole house at once.. When my wife’s expensive taste was driving up our budget, Dave was there to give us options on how to save money. Alternate products, different ways to do things, how to make things look better on a budget. He was just a perfect amount of guidance, resistance, and helpfulness. (Eventually my wife’s expensive tastes won, but we are more than happy with the result). Almost daily I was asking Dave if we could put in this or that, how much would it cost to do this, can we knock out that wall, can we add in this, how much would it be to paint that, how much does this cost. Basically, I wanted to see how much we could get away with our budget. Dave always took the time to kindly and methodically answer my questions, give me a ballpark price, and tell me why we could or couldn’t do that. I never felt talked down to and I always felt I could ask and receive an honest answer. In the end we ended up with most of the stuff we had wished for. Now our whole house is spectacular. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it could look this good. Seriously. Dave and his crew were fantastic. You know those renovation nightmare stories that pretty much everyone has….In over two months of renovations….we had ZERO with Dave.

The bottom line is this. Dave is the real deal. Kind, honest, efficient, caring, helpful, knowledgeable. You do not want to hire anyone else. You can get my phone number from Dave and call me personally and you can even come see our house if you wish. Our house is AWESOME! Greenwave literally made our dreams come true.

Ivan & Kim

Kelowna, British Columbia

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